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About Hong Kong:

Principal languages: Chinese (official), English

Ethnicity/race: Chinese 94%, other 6%

Religions: Buddhism

National Holiday: Independence Day, July 1

Literacy rate: 93.5%

Economic summary: GDP/PPP $381.3 billion (2013 est.). Real growth rate: 2.9% (2013 est.). Inflation: 2.40%. Unemployment: 3.3% Arable land: 3.0%. Agriculture: vegetable and fishing Labor force: --- Industries: cotton textiles, jute, garments, tea processing, paper newsprint, cement, chemical fertilizer, light engineering, sugar. Natural resources: natural gas, arable land, timber, coal. Exports: $528.2 billion (est. 2014) Major trading partners: mainland's of China, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Vietnam, UK, France, Italy, UAE.


Member of Commonwealth of Nations

Communications: Telephones: main lines in use: 831,000 (2004); mobile cellular: 2,781,600 (2004). Radio broadcast stations: AM 15, FM 13, shortwave 2 (2006) Television broadcast stations: 15 (1999). Internet hosts: 266 (2005). Internet users: 300,000 (2005).

Transportation: Railways: total: 2,706 km (2004). Highways: total: 239,226 km; paved: 22,726 km; unpaved: 216,500 km (2003). Waterways: 8,372 km; note: includes 2,635 km main cargo routes (2005). Ports and harbors: Chittagong, Mongla Port. Airports: 16 (2005).

Tourism in Hong Kong:

The tourism industry has been an important part of the economy of Hong Kong since it shifted to a service sector model in the late 1980s and early 90s. There has been a sharp increase of tourists from Mainland China, due to the introduction of the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) in 2003.

The total tourism expenditure associated with inbound tourism reached HK$7,333 per capita in 2011. According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) Overall visitor arrivals to Hong Kong in 2010 totalled just over 36 million, a 21.8% increase over the previous year. The numbers included approximately 22.5 million mainland Chinese arrivals, 8.2 million short-haul (excluding Mainland) arrivals, and 4.8 million long-haul arrivals. In July 2011 more than 3.8 million visitors arrived in Hong Kong, equivalent to more than half of Hong Kong's population and setting an outright record for a single month.

Tourism, along with international trade and financial services are the three main sources of income for Hong Kong.

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