Travel Advice

Please check everything before starting your journey. We hope our check list as follows can help you better plan your journey.


  1. Please check your travel documents: "Passport", "Visa", and "Air Tickets" carefully, making sure that your passport is valid for at least six months or more. It is also important to check weather or not the country you are travelling to requires a Visa or not. If it is required then you must remember to get your Visa from your local embassy. Click on Visa Information above for more details.
  2. Please ensure that your each of your baggage is within 30 KG and the hand luggage is within 7KG. Identification levels must be affixed outside/inside the luggage. Please note that baggage allowance vary therefore your are advised to check with Airline or contact us. Valuables and restricted items should not be kept inside the luggage. You are advised to seek more information regarding restricted items from the Airline & Airport Authority.
  3. We recommend that you take a Travel Insurance before you travel, make sure it covers you for any activities you are likely to undertake including extreme or water sports.
  4. Confirm any special meal/wheelchair/cot bed requirements with us or Airline at least 72 hours prior to your flight.
  5. Please reach the Airport 3 hours prior to departure of your flight. It is important to note that if you miss your flight, there may be an additional charges to reschedule your flight or your ticket may not be valid at all.
  6. It is better to reconfirm your return journey 72 hours prior to the return flight. If the seat is not reconfirmed, some Airline may automatically cancel your ticket.
  7. On arrival for loss/irregularities of baggage report to Airport personnel before leaving the arrival hall.

We Wish You Comfortable and Safe Journey

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